Conveyor Safeguarding Project Management

Clément Cochet, B Com, DM International Business Development Manager - Conveyor Safety chez Enduride inc.

Recently, the Enduride team completed a full retrofit of conveyor safeguarding at a client’s factory in the lumber industry north east of Quebec City with Enduride integrated safety net solution.

Why did we get the contract even though there were three other potential suppliers bidding for the project ? Enduride’s main strengths are our way to deliver a project, how we manage it and especially the quality and safety integrity of our final installation.

Here is how the Enduride process went :

  • First, on site visit with all potential suppliers to gather data and user comments.
  • Second, we found a local site authorized partner in order to minimize installation costs.
  • Finally, a detailed quote was submitted including technical credentials of our solution and agenda with all parties involved.

We got the contract! This is what happened next :

  • The Enduride Team went on site for measurements around the conveyors and gather users’ needs to ensure smooth integration.
  • 3D scanning to locate precisely pinch points & danger zones, and make sure the installations ran without any interference.
  • Final installation calendar developed by all parties.

Once we had manufactured the conveyor safety nets, we went back to site in order to supervise the installation with the local partner. That’s it. Enduride’s conveyor safety net is really the best safeguarding solution around ! Take a look at the pictures below :

Working with Enduride to enhance safety around your conveyor means :

  • Safe and maintenance friendly guarding.
  • Complete engineering support from measurements to installation.
  • A team of safety experts that understands legislation and operational context of conveyor belts.

The last few years, we have installed Enduride’s safety nets form coast to coast in Canada and in the United States. It has been installed in Sweden and very soon in Finland, thanks to Enduride’s EC (European Community) standard approval.

For more information about Enduride’s conveyor safety net, or past projects, please click here or contact me directly with your project ccochet(at) .



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