Conveyor Guarding & Safety Netting

Enduride Conveyor Guarding & Safety Netting

Conveyor guarding safety nets : Improve Conveyor Safety, Simplify Maintenance

Enduride Safety nets is the most effective innovation in the last 30 years in regards of conveyor safety and pinch point protection. Our guarding system is unique and will protect workers from troughing, return rollers and pulley.

Our Benefits

  • Tensioned nets for pinch points and fallouts protection
  • Quick access with a simple tool
  • Opens like a shower curtain
  • Light weight, reduce injuries due to regular steel guarding
  • See-through mesh for better monitoring
  • Meets MSHA, OSHA, CSA, CSST regulation & guidelines

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safety netting safety netting

safety netting safety netting

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Conveyor guarding safety nets specifications

  • Up to 18′ lenght sections
  • 36” to 72”+ height
  • Flame and UV resistant

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