Enduride's Technology


It all originated from a very simple idea: to design a conveyor roller that provides the best protection for bearing systems to endure the most stringent performance criteria in the industry.

The Enduride roller is truly unique and is protected by numerous patents around the world. The result: a new generation of conveyor rollers, with the patented "Cellular Encasement Protection System" (C.E.P.S.), redefining current quality / performance standards.

The Enduride system has two unique features. First, it completely isolates the bearing system from any external contact and second, it provides additional protection against vibration, a frequent source of conveyor breakdown.

System components are factory-sealed with polyurethane injected under controlled pressure, creating an additional protective barrier and a highly effective vibration damper. The Enduride roller's exclusive Cellular Encasement Protection System creates a barrier between the bearing system and the external environment.

Roller Component